an iconic collaboration between puma and melbourne brand, perks and mini which blurs the lines between urban sportswear and experimental design, technology and ecology and nature and culture. this collection is a blend of streetwear and outdoor clothing within a larger nature project, with a commitment to daily exploration with remixed puma classics seen through the psychedelic eyes of perks and mini.



this collection sees puma classics like the nano rider be transformed into hiking silhouette, combined with new additions like campfire ready puffy sandals and slippers and tees bearing flower graphics. the idea is that this collection can be worn with a seamless transition from life in the city, to the outdoors.



                                            puma x p.a.m nano trainers puma black


inspired by the outdoors, the puma x pam collection gives back through supporting the project supports the installation of biodiversity monitoring technology driven by machine learning in one of the worlds few remaining truly wild places, the jujura region of the western brazilian amazon. in more simplistic terms, this technology picks up the audio sounds from the sight to greater understand the environment and assist with research and direct conservation efforts.


it doesn’t stop there, many of the fabrics are biodegradable and utilise recycled fabrics meaning this collection will make you feel good in more ways than one. at pam pam we are obsessed with this collection, an iconic moment in streetwear history which will instantly elevate your wardrobe with a fun twist on classic styles. shop now.