an obvious buzz surrounds the discussion of flower mountain within the sneaker community, there’s an undeniable feeling that the brand is destined for great things – but where did it come from? unknown to many, the brand is a product of a meeting between keitsuke ota and yang chao who both discovered they had a shared love of exploring trails, music and quite understandably – footwear.

such meeting solidified their friendship, and they decided to take a trip to the mount fuji rock festival which is where the concept of flower mountain was born. with a mission to create a silhouette that is both aesthetic yet functional, they began to design their first collection. released to the chinese and japanese markets, the collection was immediately picked up by streetwear lovers who embraced the project and adored the innovation and creativity behind the silhouettes.

quickly flower mountain realised they had something special and joined forces with italian company falc which emerged flower mountain into international markets – taking flower mountain to a whole new level. hardly unsurprising, with founder yang chao being one of the most famous designers in china and other founder keisuke ota being famed for his attention to detail, original style and passion for materials.

flower mountain have quickly established themselves as a brand that doesn’t have to compromise on fashion or function. famed for there comfortability and durability, with non slip lightweight soles which make them ideal for exploring the trails – because sometimes you need a sneaker that can be worn for both life in the city and the great outdoors.

when we first heard about flower mountain, we had to stock them – i am sure you can understand why. take a look, you wont be disappointed. shop now .