It’s no secret how much we LOVE an Air Max 90. This 20 year old sneaker never looks a day over one and we are always excited to see what colorways Nike come up with. We are happy to say, the brand has not left us disappointed!

Just in time for summer, we have been gifted with a beautiful white and yellow colour-up that we want to put on immediately and dance around in - preferably in a beautiful field of like coloured flowers (if we were allowed outside..) BUT, a living room/bedroom/kitchen is better than nothing, right? So best clear some dancing space AND cupboard/shelf space for these sneakers. As if one needs convincing on these, we’ll just let you know our fave bits. The mesh upper has a slight iridescent underlay so there are tiny sparkles when caught in the sun. The mix of a white and off-white midsole is always a win for us because it gives the sneak a more premium look. And the lemon venom pops? We can’t get enough. Just the name alone gives us chills. Lastly, the fact that it’s an Air Max 90 is more than enough reason! The look, the comfort - it’s all too easy for every day. So, as we said, you better get some space cleared! Shop now online.