Arguably one the most iconic Nike patterns is the Safari print, first released in the ‘80s via the Air Safari. Esteemed shoe designer, Tinker Hatfield, knew what he wanted to create with the Air Safari, but just wasn’t yet set on the materials to use. A firm believer that ideas come from all experiences up to your most immediate point, Tinker jumped on a plane to the Big Apple in search of inspiration. Of all places, the design cues came from an upmarket furniture store that had an ostrich skin covered couch in the window. The piece of furniture left a mark on Mr Hatfield who proceeded to create the Safari print, which is essentially his version of ostrich skin. At the time, the response he received in-house wasn’t one of enthusiasm. In the ‘80s, the idea of creating a sneaker for fashion purposes, rather than sport, was still a bit of a taboo. But the team pressed on and the Air Safari was released via the Air Pack which included the debut Air Max 1, Air Trainer 1 and Air Sock.

Safe to say, the Safari was a hit and continues to be a Nike fan favourite. The most recent Safari print release is the Air Max 90. Made from a delicious leather upper, the couch inspired print is clear to see on a field of Black and Safety Orange. Shop the sneaker here!