We are huge fans of Carhartt. Their laid back approach to menswear and womenswear always makes them creators of timeless looking pieces. Writing this post has lead me to do some further research on the brand and did you know Carhartt's been in business since 1889?! Also, fun fact, real quick, the company is still run by the descendants of the founders. I mean you can't be going that long and not be doing something right! Anyway, let's take a look at a few gems in our Summer sale!

It always seems hard to find a good denim jacket these days. Theirs almost too many options to choose from. You've got big bat winged ones, skinny and cropped ones, wrecked ones, too many pockets, too few, it's just a pain. Luckily, Carhart has been making denim jackets for a long, long time. During world war two, Carhartt actually made denim overalls for women working in factories to support the war effort. The Michigan Chore jacket harks back to those times with a workwear/overall vibe to it. It kinda reminds us of old union made railroad jackets with the curved pockets. If you're looking for something a bit different this is the jacket for you. Make sure you check it out in our sale!

If you're a bit of a history buff like me then you'll see there are a lot of similarities with this jacket and the jackets issued during the war in the Pacific. The US marines had to wear something that was light weight but also full of purpose. Now over 50 years on the design of these jackets lives on. Now reduced in our sale, this classic looking light weight jacket is great for summer as well as being used to layer on top of in the winter months.

If you're after a wide leg, relaxed fit trouser then look no further. The Packard pant is the one. In a slightly heavier cotton blend, these guys could easily see you through the winter months as well. Being an off white colour, these trousers can be paired with pretty much anything. Obviously, don't go for a full white outfit - unless you're an aspiring soul singer. These guys have been reduced in our sale making them an absolute steal. Don't wait around, take a closer look at Carhartt today!