Nike points to the sporting hall of fame once again with their latest Blazer Mid’77 Women’s exclusive release. Dorothy Gaters is a house-hold name in Chicago, USA, having coached Marshall High School’s basketball program to more than 960 career victories and 8 State Championships. Although there were many attempts to swing Miss Gates out of the Chi-town area and away from Marshall High School, Dorothy Gates insisted she stay where coaching of the sport is needed the most, and ultimately where her heart laid. Dorothy Gaters and Marshall High School produced 5 WNBA Players including former Rutgers Big East Player of the Year, Cappie Pondexter.

With a colourway inspired by Chicago's Marshall Metropolitan High School, the all-new Blazer Mid’77 sets an honorary tone for Ms. Dorothy Gaters, in the best way. The sneaker also features excellent extras, including a metallic gold tongue label, gold metal lace jewel and printed tissue paper in the box which also pays homage to bball city!