The roaring ‘20s. So many things come to mind when we think about this period. One particular theme that is impossible to overlook is the complete classiness of the era. Those stylish folk living the highlife must have looked like shining baubles, and quite literally in their sequined flapper gowns. Their neat and polished day looks must have omitted a glow that made less glam onlookers prim with envy. This was an era thick with trends. The LBD, the feather bower, a string of pearls and more. One such must-have amongst all the hot accessories was eyewear. Having a stylish pair of specs made you look above and beyond class. The material of choice? Tortoise shell. With many-a-star wearing tort frames, the pattern became incredibly desirable to all. This, of course, became extremely detrimental to the existence of the tortoise because, yes, at the time, real shells were being used to carve these exquisite frames from. By the 1970s, a ban was made on the use of real shells and manufacturers began creating acetates that resembled the tortoise pattern. This allowed for extra play - changing colours and the size of the pattern. Fast forward to the present day and wonderful companies such as Vow London, who create sunglasses with a conscience, using ethically sourced sustainable materials. Frames are handmade from acetate which is a renewable, plant based material made from wood pulp. With their hearts in the right place, Vow London are looking after the environment and providing timeless style to us all. Of course, we love ALL the frames they create, but we have to say that one of our faves is the Marley in Milk Tort. Nice and dynamic, these bold sunglasses suit most faces. The Milk Tort will add to your (1920s classy) style at the same time as the 100% UVA UVB lenses protect your eyes. Shop the full range online!