In 1970, a Superstar was born. Entering the market as a basketball sneak, no one could have imagined how far beyond this court shoe was going to go. Exploding onto the street scene in the latter part of the decade, thanks to heavyweight fashion and music icons, the Superstar became the go-to, hippest sneaker to have on your feet.

Now 50 years later, adidas Originals release the City Series - a program that applies the style influence of major cities around the world to the Superstar. We picked the beautiful tumbled leather variations that showcase Tokyo and Shanghai. Clean and simple, the finish of both relate to both of the cities simplicity when it comes to fashion.

This iconic silhouette still stands the test of time, even up against the most modern technologies. Nothing beats a classic and to celebrate this fact and this series, we have combined the past with the present. Showcasing the Superstar's history in pictures via the very modern Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (CAPTCHA), we want to appeal to all tech-savvy users (which is pretty much everyone) in a form they have certainly come across.

The animation we have created features an old-style computer monitor with a modern interface to show the juxtaposition of old and new. The visuals follow the journey of a pam pam customer buying the Superstar Pure online. In order to complete the purchase, the customer navigates pop-up boxes that are both Japan and China themed.

Visuals by the wonderful, Supanika Richmond, music by the talented, Yas Ibrahim!

A cute display to promote two beautiful shoes and one excellent piece of history! The adidas Originals Superstar Pure sneakers are now available online.