To celebrate the new release of the Reebok DMX Series 2k, we have created a fun-loving, ‘90s inspired animation to illustrate the retro stylings of the new silhouette. The Reebok DMX Series 2K is now available online at!

Set in the high peaks of London, a sun-chasing female character is seen in the all-new Reebok DMX Series 2K propelling towards the sky - getting a better look at the gleaming sun looking back at her. With her desire to find the most ideal chill spot, the girl glides out to outer space, making her way towards the Suns surface. Drawing inspiration from the bold and chunky elements of the sneaker, we looked at the beautiful contrast of the overlay detailing and elevated them in the cartoony text and funky characters seen in the animation. The Reebok DMX Series is chunky, bold and super comfy - ready to take on whatever life throws at you!

See the full extended version via YouTube or see the three part clips on our Instagram now!

Animation created by pampamlondon. Music By Yassir Ibrahim