Female Dancer
Dancer wearing Nike Air Max Trainers

Most are aware of the beautifully sleek Nike Air Max ‘97. Part of the Air Max series, which bolstered Nike’s popularity in the ‘80s to new heights, this trainer has been a fan favorite for 20 years. To celebrate the relaunch of this iconic silhouette, we teamed up with the very brilliant, Camila Falquez, and a collection of beautiful, female dancers from Barcelona to showcase this trainer in a way far beyond its original imagining.

The idea of this project starts with the Circle. In Camila’s own words, “It's a conceptual interpretation of diversity and womanhood and about how we are all related and equal in our core. The circle is, in geometry, the perfect form, it's the most efficient shape of all, it represents humanity.” Through these beautiful dancers, who come from all different backgrounds, the idea of the Circle is created; women of diversity working and dancing and moving together, showing a unity connectedness, as like a circle.

Camila, born in Mexico and Raised in Barcelona, is a photographer based in New York that explores in her work, diversity, womanhood and the body. From a young age, Falquez was obsessed with dance, particularly ballerinas and how they moved. Now as a photographer, Camila still lives through her obsession with movement, understanding the complexity, sensitivity and art of the body. Of her work, Falquez says, “noticing, as I developed my art, that race, gender, nationality and age divide us socially, I became determined to express through my images that we are all just bodies, flesh and bones. I try to bring people, culture and politics to the very basic: Humanity.”

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Shoot credits   Photography: Camila Falquez Video Direction: Camila Falquez Creative Direction: Camila Falquez Director of Photography: Fran Rios Second Unit NYC: Alejandro Mejia Set Design Assistant: Mayte Esteban Styling: Ahida Aguirre Styling Assistant: Make-up: Gloria Ricoo Gaffer: Dani Martin Focus: Franki A.Ronda Steel Drummer Musician: Elisabeth Fidel Dancers: Ines Costa Esther Pou Hanna Tervonen Zarina Rondon Agatha Ferrando Africa N Gozalez Vigil Wanessa Tayler Ines Archer Najwa Charki Mahamsani Location: Utopia 126 Barcelona