So, at the time of this post, we are locked down. BUT! Doesn’t stop a bit of adventure time around the block, or the kitchen? Based on the ADITANGENT from the 1998 EQT line, the FYW SECANT is a delightful mash up of inspiration from the archive. This rugged hiker sneaker provides functionality and a lighter, more technical package than what adidas have done in the past with similar designs. The original inspiration of the ADITANGENT is referenced in the name SECANT with both TANGENT and SECANT being geometric terms. The FYW SECANT upper is made up of mixed materials including ripstop, synthetic suede and neoprene. Feet You Wear Technology enhances natural movement of the foot for improved ground feel, stability and agility whilst the aggressive rubber outsole provides superior traction. Plus, they really are cute on the foot! Shop the Adidas two colourways now :-)