Born and raised in Burma, May Han is giving us power dressing vibes with her styling of the Reebok DMX Run 10. London based Business Management and Marketing student, May spends her time capturing unexpected beauty of the inner city with her favourite Olympus Mju II.

"I wouldn’t really consider myself a photographer, I just like to capture things that catch my eye" - May

Inspired by her peers and the constant flow of creativity found on social media from her favourite artists, George Muncey and Hideaki Hamada, May likes to capture unexpected moments with her friends and in unlikely surroundings.

Styling the Reebok DMX Run 10 in Vital Blue, Mays inspiration clearly mirrors her photographic exploration of capturing traffic intersections and bold orange stop signs. Mays integrates her curioity of film photography with her love of styling content, creating something truly unique. You can follow Mays journey via instagram here

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