every season carhartt delivers a stunning collection of womenswear which has become a cemented go to for women in the streetwear world.

women have always been an integral part to the success of carhartt, although initially carhartt’s products were not crafted for women – even though the workforce was almost entirely made up of women. when the war came along, the need for women’s workwear was recognised with many women having to contribute to stereotypically male dominated industries in order to aid the war effort.

in order to get to the point that we are at now of carhartt delivering excellence for womenswear, there has been some key moments that have led to this:

• 1901: the carhartt ladies band performed at the carhartts factory functions, parades and local charity events. the director of the band said in 1901 “we girls are quite ambitious lot and we have succeeded beyond our expectations“

• 1902: the earliest advertisement for female sewing machine operators

• 1917-18: the first known carhartt advertisement was a practical allover for women

• 1940: women in workwear was popularised during ww2 due to the staying power. crafted by women aiding the war effort.

• 1998: the first carhartt womens product line was launched

• 2023: carhartt release a stunning selection of womenswear each year and are famed amongst the streetwear community for creating just as superior products for women as they do for men.

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