For over a century, New Balance have been creating some of the best sportswear in the game. Always dedicated to crafting timeless shoes that support and perform to the highest standards, NB’s catalogue of winners is huge. But in the early days, well before 997s were conceived, the New Balance Arch Support Company made arch supports for people who were out of step. Gradually, as the business built steam, New Balance branched out and began creating their own footwear after many requests from athletes who were buying their supports. So in 1960, the Trackster was born - the first sports running shoe to have a serrated outsole for traction. An instant hit, these early sneakers paved the way for years of successful shoe manufacturing.

Perhaps one of their most identifiable sneakers is the 574. Made in 1988, the sneaker was introduced to the market as a performance running shoe. Offering superior comfort and strong support, the 574 slowly found their way into the hands and onto the feet of the fashion conscious and streetwearers. The silhouette is timeless, the colour-ups almost limitless and the everyday wearability obvious. We are big fans of the 574 for so many reasons. For those that have never worn a pair, we implore you to do so. Shop them here!