Those of us in our middle years and up will always remember Reebok as the ‘school shoe brand’. But just what is so special about the Classic Leather?

In the ‘80s, Reebok was riding high on their aerobics era. Trainers were being made specifically for the sport and with this new wave of exercise came a new material - garment leather. Much softer and more supple, garment leather covered the women’s Freestyle sneaker and the feedback from wearers was pure joy. Reebok decided on a new sneaker to cover in this glorious find and the result was the Classic Leather. Debuting in 1983, the sneaker was marketed more to those seeking a stylish sneaker that boasted supreme comfort, thanks to said garment leather. Sure enough, the Classic Leather was an absolute hit and the now iconic silhouette was made over and over in multiple colourways. To this day, the sneaker is still celebrated and loved for its simplicity and super comfort.

The latest Classic Leather release sees the sneaker dressed in lovely white leather upper with soft grey suede overlays and iconic gum outsole. Shop now!