We like to think we have an eclectic and varied taste in music. That's why we've made some Spotify playlists to help you discover more and get in a Pam Pam vibe. If you've visited our east London store then you will probably have been subjected to our music tastes. This week we are going to focus on a playlist that has been in the making for a few years now, its called Nothin' but Groovin' and its currently our fav!

Most of the tunes are from the late 70s and early 80s when disco was at its height of popularity. We have evidence to suggest that playlist is a total party savior as well. Just check it and prepare for some good times! I should probably take you through of our personal favorites. First up is S.O.S Band - High Hopes. The track features all the makings of a disco hit, the catchy bassline, the clap snare, and the dreamy synth. not to mention the uber-catchy chorus!

Next up is "One Nation Under a Groove by Funkadelic. Again featuring those familiar sounds of a disco hit. We love this song because the vocals don't really follow the format for disco, with a lover baritone voice over most of the track mixed with a few harmonies and legato freestyles.

"Move On Up" By Destination has got to be mentioned. A total classic, probably overplayed on the radio and TV but hey it's still great! Its just one of those songs that everyone knows and you can't resist wanting to move.

Funk is said to be a more aggressive version of disco so it makes sense why they pair together so well. With this in mind, we chucked in some funk into the mix. Our current fav is The Bar-Kays "Too Hot To Stop Pt.1" This track features some really interesting instrumentation as well as multiple hooks and drops. Most people can probably remember this track from the hit film "Superbad" and the moment Seth and Evan get off the bus to meet Mc Lovin all looking fly and ready to party.

There really is a huge amount of good music on this playlist so enjoy, share and do what you have too to get the party started.