We love a good sock! To us, they aren’t just about being a barrier between skin and shoe, they deserve to make a statement, too. And that’s why we love ROTOTO! The Japan based company has taken years to perfect their craft and their product is nothing short of beautiful. Made in Nara Prefecture, south of Kyoto, this area is particularly known for their high production of socks and knitwear. What separates ROTOTO is their use of old style knitting machines and hands on craftsmanship. A single sock can go through on the spot changes, which allows for total quality control.

The materials used are always of the highest quality and dependent on the season - higher linen content for summer, higher wool content for winter. Often materials are combined for ultimate comfort and wearability. Also, they are a conscious company. The cute maroon bands, or ‘rings’ as they like to call them, that are found at the top of the sock are made using off cut material and sewn by older community members as part of an initiative to get them involved and keep them creative. ROTOTO hopes these ‘rings’ are reused by the customer in any way they see fit. Examples are hair bands, keyrings or luggage identifiers (you know when you wrap it around a handle? Cute, no?).

But in amongst all of these thoughtful processes, ROTOTO makes sure to always create a comprehensive selection of socks to suit those that love a staple, or that love a shout.

This season we have dabbled into both of the above - socks for everyday and socks that have a bit of their own personality. To view the full range, click here! We hope you find your new best sock buddy (^_^*)