Our favourite folklore-loving brand, HERESY, is back with one of the most awesome seasonal offerings to date. The ‘Growing’ collection features a mix of two-piece outfits, cosy overcoats and a bundle of tees.

With a very botany vibe, the collection has a palette of green, black, white and pops of orange. One of the standouts is the Omen two-piece that has been made in partnership with UK based military brand, Arktis. Super durable and hard-wearing, the construction of both the trousers and jacket are incredible, with loads of cool branding highlights and finished in the HERESY made Camo print. Definitely two pieces you will have for life! Also to mention are the array of tees available. Now, we love the tees - they are the canvas for HERESY and their excellent illustrations or collected images, and always have the coolest backstories. One particular fave is the Icons tee, which features all of HERESY’s favourite folkloric icons down the sleeves. If you’re a fan of the brand, then wear this one proudly! Lastly, we have always been a fan of their accessories. This season, HERESY totally treated all of us with their Woven Blanket. Made in limited quantities, this piece also features all of HERESY’s folkloric icons and is finished with a multicoloured thread hem that offsets the black and white.

Check out new season HERESY online now.