It definitely is hard to think that there was once a time when jeans weren’t intended for women. A pair of denim is arguably the staple item of any person’s wardrobe and most of us couldn’t imagine not having at least two pairs. So when did it become ok for women to wear the blue? That’s a question for Levi’s and a look into Dude Ranches.

Always a visionaire brand, the idea of introducing the first denim pieces for women, “Freedom-Alls” (1919) and Lady Levi’s (1934) gave major ground in women’s fashion. Although men’s workwear remained the main priority, it was the ever rising popularity of Dude Ranches in western America during the ‘30s and ‘40s that made the decision for Levi’s to produce a women’s specific denim jean. And it must be said, this was still at a time when women wearing trousers was taboo. Western fever was on the rise thanks to the copious amounts of the genre films that were being churned out. The beautiful and strong Gary Cooper sporting a pair of Levi’s was enticing enough, so imagine a lady wearing a pair and adopting that beauty and strength? It was an excellent and forward thinking move by Levi’s and paved the way to wear we women and jeans are almost 90 years later. With all the fun history out there, let’s take a look at our Levi’s denim picks!

THE jeans of jeans. The 501 is Levi’s most celebrated style and for good reason. This was one of the earliest fits Levi’s created with their famous copper-rivet patent. In 1890, lot numbers started being assigned to their product, however sadly, due to a fire, all previous history and records Levi’s maintained since their start year of 1973 were lost. Included in the loss was the potential meaning for the lot numbers, so we’ll never know why 501 was chosen. But what we DO know is that these jeans mean business as well as leisure. The 501 Crop takes the original fit and slightly tapers the leg into a cropped fit. Perfect to wear as a summer jean, these are a super flattering and a good choice for those that love a straight leg! Shop our Cropped jeans here.

Adapted from the '80s fit, the Levi’s Balloon Jeans bring back that retro, baggy look we all know and love. The main difference is that the high waist on these are a bit more fitted allowing a very flattering look. A noticeable curve at the hip that slowly tapers down the leg gives you comfort and those oversized feels. Perfect for any and all that love the classic style but craving the modern ‘fit’ updates. Shop our Jeans here!

Created with ultimate comfort in mind, the Levi’s Made & Crafted Jean is perfect for those looking for just straight up baggy! Made to wear either high on the waist, or low toward the hips, the overall shape of the jean certainly resembles its name. With a cropped leg and slight taper, these jeans are super cute and look great! Tuck in a tee and pair with your favourite sneakers for the ultimate casual look. Shop our Barrel Jean here!