Blocks of soap. There was a time when these were THE go-to present for your aunt, your grandma, your grandpa (alongside a new pair of socks). Up until the early ‘90s, you would see a block of soap in the shower and at the sink in all households. That is until liquid gels became mass produced in the mid ‘80s and eventually more popular. People loved the convenius, the lather and also that these gels were less drying than soaps of the time. However, with this newfound love of gel came hard plastic packaging as opposed to the small cardboard box soaps would come in. We aren’t entirely sure the ratio, but we are pretty sure that shower gels outweigh soap bars pretty heavily. In a world that is currently being choked by plastic, we want to bring everyone’s attention back to the beautiful soap bar.

We have come a long way since the 80s/90s and so have soap bars! Not so irritating or drying, soap bars are now packed full of lovely things like coconut oil, shea button and almond oil. Ingredients are sought with ecological and organic intentions in mind and so the impact on the skin and the planet are a lot, lot less. For these reasons alone, we think it is worth making the switch back to soap bars!

Shop our beautiful range of My Happy Soap(s) here! Made using shea butter and beautiful perfume notes from Grasse, France, these bars are an absolute treat (and still make the perfect gift from grams and gramps!)