adidas Originals continues to roll out their A-ZX Program, following all 26 letters of the alphabet and collaborating with a variety of partners the world over. Drop 12, we are delighted to say, is P for pam pam! We had the opportunity to put our spin on the ZX 1000 and it was a blast :-)

Our inspiration came from our grassroots - the ‘90s! A time of such fun, such exploration and such wildness. We picked the ZX 1000 because it was the first of its kind to signal a new era in running thanks to the latest technology of the Torsion Bar. Never before had the performance market seen such specificity towards runners and their needs. Choice was key and that is exactly where pam pam matches. Our want to provide women with a curated selection of the best product available to them drove us to ensure women had choices. Plenty of choices. We feel the ZX 1000 symbolises this achievement best! The colour palette we chose represents colours we love - black, beige, a pop of pink and a dash of leopard. Cool details such as the co-branding on the heels and tongue, and mini ZX 1000 lace charm are our faves! We hope the lace charm will be taken off and worn as a piece of jewellery. Also, there are three different lace colours and lace jewels to choose from, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Available online on the 27th of November.