Outdoor fashion and the ‘gorpcore’ trend are really in their moment, with the streetwear world becoming inundated with outdoor brands. Unlike all the new brands that are popping up, Cotopaxi was founded in 2014 in Salt Lake City ahead of this phenomenon.  At the heart of Cotopaxi is the mission to make durable gear in the most ethically sustainable way that they possible can in order to create their own legacy and leave a lasting impact.

Famed for their vibrant designs which are bound to brighten up any outfit, their products run a lot deeper than the fun vibe they initially give off. With culture, passion and giving back being core to the ethos of the company with a percentage of their revenue going to fighting poverty. Cotopaxi’s founder Davis Smith, lived in the Caribbean from a young age alongside Latin America and witnessed first-hand the deprivation people face.


Named after the Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador, where Davis spent a lot of his childhood – he wanted to help people, whilst also creating a high-performance brand for exploring the great outdoors. Quite quickly, Cotopaxi became a staple within the streetwear industry with the products finding favour in the bustling streets of big cities. People began to pair their Cotopaxi with conventional streetwear, with a lot of there styles being reminiscent of retro looks – it naturally worked to create some of the coolest outfits.

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