In celebration of this year's Valentine's Day, we have partnered with London-based brand, Peachy Den to introduce the latest Nike Blazer Mid'77 Vintage "Worn Brick". Established in 2017 by Isabella Weatherby, Peachy Den is a British womenswear label that offers a playful approach to fashion. With figure-flattering shapes, endless comfort and bold colours which elegantly embrace the female form, Peachy Den is just lovely! In this exclusive campaign, Peachy Den styles besties, Emilia, Izzy and Liv in the latest Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 Vintage "Worn Brick". The campaign challenges the typical idea of what Valentine's Day means, through exploring love and connection in friendships.

“When it comes to love, friendships are not given the attention they deserve…especially around Valentines Day. This year we wanted to switch up the narrative a little and focus on the less celebrated romance and confidence that comes in the form of close friendship.” - Peachy Den


We chatted with Isabella, to discuss her inspiration behind the campaign and exciting things in the pipeline for Peachy Den.

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Peachy Den is your baby! A lovely fashion label featuring slinky styles and comfy fabrics. Can you tell us about Peachy Den’s journey so far and did you always know that you wanted to own your own fashion line?

Peachy Den first began as a side hustle to fill a creative void (I was studying Politics & International Relations at University at the time) until I made the leap and went full time a year ago. The idea was born out of a personal desire as I felt there weren’t enough brands around making high-quality trousers that fit really well. So it all began with one pair – flared & perfectly fitted with an elasticated waistband. The result was a trouser that turns a pancake into a peachy derriere & truly celebrates the female form. Finally, it has been my mission since day one to make sure that Peachy Den reflects its essence as born and bred London brand. For this reason, every single one of our slinky creations has been made ethically & responsibly in the UK since we began.

As a brand director, designer and boss, what is your favourite part of the work that you do?
Ultimately, the best part is making people feel good in the clothes I make. The hard work is so worth it when I receive messages from women & girls saying how comfortable & sexy they feel in my pieces. It is the ultimate form of validation & really keeps you going. It makes it more than just a material item.

In a city of hustle and grind, do you have any tips on keeping it cool and ploughing through the workload, when it gets a bit too much?
Setting aside time to create a plan of action & always by hand - I love my weekly planner. Also, when I feel like my brain is beginning to melt, taking a break, I play in a weekly Netball league with my best gal pals which is hilarious but also quite competitive and a great way to take your mind of a stressful working day. I also love a bath.

Are you a sneaker lover yourself?
Yes, of course, I rarely wear any other shoe. My feet couldn’t be any flatter so I refuse to suffer in anything else!

Tell us all about the Nike Blazer Mid ‘77 project and the inspiration behind the campaign?

To mark the release of Nike’s Valentines 77 Blazer, we wanted to switch up the usual narrative of Valentine’s day & focus instead on the confidence and lessons in love that comes in the form of close friendship. We shot a group of best friends and spoke about the empowering role friends play in our everyday lives. The campaign by Finn Constantine also showcases our summer satin collection which will be available exclusively online in March. Also, I have always worn Nike, so It was very exciting when they asked me to collaborate.

Do you have any favourite photographers and/ or art directors that have inspired your own vision for Peachy Den?
I especially love Nan Goldin, Petra Collins & Corinne Day.

Peachy Den apparel is giving us real retro vibes, what is your favourite decade for fashion?
It is a toss up between the 90s & 70s – both are iconic & revolutionized the fashion industry. I have always been obsessed with items passed down to me by my mum or grandparents and this has a big influence on my designs.

Can you tell us about the best valentines day you’ve ever spent? With friends, family, lovers or all of the above.

A singles dinner in a university halls room which involved a student desk, plastic cutlery & a microwaved jacket potato ☺

If Peachy Den wasn’t in the picture, where do you think you would be?
Probably abroad – I have always wanted to live in a foreign city!

What’s the future of Peachy Den, tell us about some exciting things coming up for you!
I can’t wait to release our summer satin collection in March, it has taken months & months of work perfecting the fit & the fabric so I can’t wait for everybody to enjoy <3 I also am moving into my own studio in South London & looking to hire the first member of my team! Finally, I have a few more exciting collaborations in the pipeline but those are secret for now ;)