adidas Skateboarding’s first female pro skater, Nora Vasconcellos, creates The Nora Capsule - a collection for both men and women that comprises of tees, outerwear, pants and sneakers. To celebrate this first, we have teamed up with incredible London based creatives, Candice Lo, Quentin Guthrie, Rebecca Naen and Andre Castellucci to get the background on her new collection!

Joining forces with wild and wonderful filmmaker, Candice Lo, the campaign shares the background of the collection and how Nora's design inspiration for unisex skate clothing developed into a full six-piece collection. A recent graduate from LFC in fashion production and styling, Candice has previous projects working with notable fashion magazines and luxury brands. The Taiwanese native has previously explored themes of diversity, identity and notions of beauty in her personal work. Now showcasing Nora's insane skills on the board with her retro video edits, Candice's film can be watched above.

Our full adidas collection is now available online