Welcome back to rewind! where we like to share our favourite music video binge watches.

This week, we follow the adventures of a milk carton as he finds the missing son of a grief stricken family. A cute concept created for the English band, Blur, and their song Coffee & TV. Written and primarily sung by guitarist Graham Coxon, the song explores the idea of feeling so full that you're empty. Of having enough and just wanting to watch TV and drink coffee. Coxon at the time was facing his own personal demons, which perhaps lent to the track. Since Blur themselves are quite a playful lot, the creative duo Hammer & Tongs created the story of a family who were missing their son. A milk carton, bearing a picture of the son on the side, springs to life and goes on a mission to find the missing son. Along the way he experiences the big city, falls in love with a carton of strawberry milk and experiences sadness and grief. He eventually finds the son, Coxon, playing with his bandmates and is chugged back by the guitarist, effectively sending the milk carton to heaven.

A super sweet video which caught the attention of the likes of Rolling Stones to be included on their list of the 100 Greatest Music Videos! Check out the video for yourself and let us know what you think.