Welcome back to rewind! our segment where we like to share our fave music videos to kill some time to. This week, we look at a song that didn't get recognition until two years after its initial release.

English band, Smoke City, were known for the bossa nova, acid jazz styling and began their career in the mid-1990s. They recorded a track in 1994 titled, Underwater Love, and released it in 1995 to no reception. The song was a Brazilian inspired track with samples from Bahia Soul by Luiz Bonfa and 'Mother Popcorn' by James Brown. The song was essentially forgotten about until 1997 when denim brand Levi's picked up the track to use in their commercial with a mermaid theme. Soon after, Smoke City charted in over 10 countries. The music video is set in a beautiful villa and is shot from a very artistic lens. Lead singer, Nina Miranda, takes on the mermaid theme, singing from a small pool like a siren. We particularly love the use of reverse footage and boomerang techniques making this video relevant even today!

Check out the video and let us know what you think! :-)