As we come to the end of September, with the last days of summer well and truly behind us, it’s the perfect time for reflection and this week’s movie does no other than just that. A tale of self-exploration and spontaneity, Vicky Cristina Barcelona is both seductive and humorous, featuring some of the biggest Hollywood names that are still some of our faves today!

"Vicky Cristina Barcelona has a natural, flowing vitality to it, a sun-drenched splendor that never falters” - The New Yorker


The story is set in Barcelona where best friends, Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) venture to their good friend, Judy’s (Patricia Clarkson) house to stay for the summer. After being introduced to the tall, dark and handsome, Juan (Javier Bardem), at a mutual friend's party, Cristina is all-eyes for the Spanish native and moves in for a closer... feel. The film continues to explore both Vicky and Cristina’s infatuation with Juan and although they both have their own unique experiences with the new lover, all is interrupted when ex-wife, Maria (Penelope Cruz) comes back into the picture!

This romantic storyline has been shoved into one rather short movie, however, it does the job to cover the ideals of a typical summer romance. It’s got music, art, poetry and the sensual feels of Spain! You might want to book in your own Spanish summer romance after watching this one ;)!

**Vicky Cristina Barcelona can be watched on Netflix!