The anticipation of wearing new sneakers is one of the best feelings. As a kid, unboxing your new beauties and getting them on was like one fluid movement. Wearing them straight to the school yard was no big thing and the want to get them a little bit scuffed up was ‘ideal’ so you didn’t fully stand out (just enough so the other kids knew what you had going on). But as the years wore on and you became old enough to buy your own trainers, the want to keep them as pristine as possible for as long as possible became the new obsession. Having a pair of white sneakers is lovely, but dirtying them during the first few wears is just heartbreaking. Luckily, Jason Markk came to a conclusion with a solution - Repel. This lovely liquid has become the answer to keeping your sneakers white, your suedes lush and your canvas dirt free. How it works is, the solution creates a breathable barrier that effectively repels liquid and dirt. Because it is water based, it is safe to use on a huge number of materials including nubuck, suede, leather, nylon, canvas and so much more. You can go beyond your sneakers also - why not spray your outwear, wallet, laptop case etc? Save the heartache and shop Jason Markk online now!