A good sneaker game includes a trusty pair of socks and one of the best players in the field is ROTOTO. The Japan based sock brand is entirely about craftsmanship and quality. Made in Nara Prefecture, south of Kyoto, this area is particularly known for their high production of socks and knitwear. What separates ROTOTO is their use of old style knitting machines and hands on craftsmanship. A single sock can go through on the spot changes, which allows for total quality control.

This spring summer season, ROTOTO shares with us cute ankle length tie-dye socks. These popping out the top of your sneakers, or slipped into a sandal will make any outfit killer. For those that love even more pop and to show off a full sock, then the Ribbed Crew Socks in Lime and Orange will surely wet your appetite. Pair with a simple coloured sneak to let the sock do the talking, or wear a loud trainer to start a full on conversation. Shop the latest socks range online and in store now!