We recently had the pleasure of meeting super talented, pop and soul newcomer, NAHLI, to hear all about her latest music and desires for the future. On March 22nd, NAHLI released her latest single titled, Relapse, which is available to listen to on Spotify now. The Essex-bred artist, is grime pioneer DaVinChe's first signing to his new label ALKMY Records, whom last year released Nahli's first major release, "Say Nothin'".

The UK-based music artist describes writing the song having been inspired by a relationship break-up, going through the motions of heartbreak and troubles of falling back into the same feelings and old routines. The song, described by the press as a "moody, elegant and honest symphony of lyrics" was produced by grime producer DaVinChe. NAHLI's harmonies are sultry and intimate, as she digs deep into personal aspects of her emotions, reflecting candidly on her past relationships to us as the audience. Read our full interview with the newcomer below.

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Tell us about where you grew up and what you love most about home?

I grew up with my mum and I just went wherever she did. Mexico, Australia, Paris. We settled in East London and I went to an all girls school in Ilford. My mum met a dude and I was blessed with two little brothers and we moved over to Essex where I went to ANOTHER girls school! (My mum didn’t want me to be distracted ha ha!) Home is just everything to me. I love being around my family they’re so fun and we do stupid dances and say the weirdest shit to each other. Like we make up words all the time. My mum is my whole world. She’s the very essence of what I see as strength in a woman. She just encapsulates beauty and wisdom and I adore her.

What made you want to become a musician?

Both my parents are singers so it was kind of unavoidable ha ha! Honestly, it’s just rooted into my blood and I couldn’t think of doing anything else at all. Singing makes me really happy. I love music. I love creating. I love the buzz I get when a new song is finished and I get to share my lyrics with people and explain the meaning behind them. It comes with its stresses, but they’re minor in comparison to the highs.

If you had only one pair of sneakers and one album to take with you to a desert island, what would you choose?

One pair of sneakers? On a desert island?? Ha ha some fu***n’ durable ones I suppose. So I could climb trees and get the fruit down so I didn’t starve to death. And I don’t think the type of CD would matter much because I wouldn’t have a CD player or electricity so I’d just bring any one and use it as a frisbee. But if I HAD to choose, it would beeee.....00s greatest hits or something so I could reminisce while I’m chomping down coconut.

Both of your parents are musicians, what did you listen to growing up?

I listened to a mix of everything. My mum used to listen to a lot of Enya, Enigma. Motown. Olivia Newton John. My father figure (Simon) listened to a lot of Radiohead. My Dad is kinda Elvis mad. Beach Boys. Lots of Rock & Roll. Michael Jackson was my main focus. I’ve always been obsessed with him. But the unusual albums, those are my favourite. ‘Dangerous’ album, best ever.

Do you have a death row meal?

Death row? Gosh...well I suppose my palms would be sweaty. Knees weak...arms heavy. Vomit on my sweater already so, moms spaghetti. Bolognese of course.

What's one quote you could live by?

My mum taught me this one and I’ve lived by it. “Don’t tell your best friend anything you wouldn’t want your worst enemy to know”.

What exciting things are in the pipeline for NAHLI?

To keep creating! I’ve been in studio with some really cool people recently and I can’t wait to show you. One of them I’ve mentioned in a few interviews as someone I’d love to collaborate with and the universe as usual delivered. Amazing ♥️