Selma Sebbagh Wearing Nike Trainers

Selma knows sneakers all too well. A big fan of Nike, Selma has a fair share of vintage releases and their updated counterparts to mix into her super cool, quirky fashion styling.

Selma lives in the heart of Paris and works in the fashion industry, she's currently enrolled in various projects with high-end brands as well as sneaker brands. Selma travels a lot for work and ends up collecting and wearing some of the latest styles from all the best releases. What a dream! We caught up with Selma to chat a bit more about her favourite sneaks for every occasion. Keep up with Selma via Instagram @selmaksebbagh

The oldest pair of sneakers you have or first pair.

One of the oldest pair is my Air Presto Woven Upper in Navy blue released in 2001-2002. This pair looks very modern with its woven material and mixes of blue. The quality is amazing and they are so so much better than the Presto woven Nike released lately. The pair is still in really good shape, and definitely has plenty of life left haha And I think I might still have the OG box somewhere. I used to buy a lot of vintage sneakers, cause very often colourway and quality were better. Nowadays, i see very often glue on the sole, etc. It's really annoying to see that quality is on the decline, but the price on the rise.

A key moment in sneaker history that really changed the game for you

Its not really a key moment, but lot of different actions that changed the game for me. And the various moments where brands started to listen to the girls. To me the change starts with the arrival of women, to key, and leadership roles, at the top of brands like Puma, Adidas and Nike. Then when the brands, started to include women, in the process of the collaboration. The brand who made the strongest move is Puma when they named the singer Rihanna, as creative director and brand ambassador (2014). But also the change of direction that the sneakers brands operate in opening the regular men's sizing for women. (even that still needs to be improved)

The sneakers that have travelled the furthest with you.

Without hesitation the Zoom Fly Sp Off White, and also the Nike Zoom Fly NY Marathon, cause I run with those and very often I put them in my suitcase just to motivate me to run ahahaha But for the Zoom Fly OW, From Paris to L.A, passing by NY, but also Mykonos, Copenhagen; Pise, Rome, London that sneaker made a really great journey. I’m always taking those on my feet when I’m travelling cause they’re incredibly light and comfy. Before taking that pair, I used to put the VaporMax and/or the Ultraboost but in term of quality and comfort, the ZoomFly is way better.

A sneaker that you'll probably keep forever.

At the moment, the sneakers that I know I will keep forever is The Air Max Sean Wotherspoon. I voted for him for the contest and Nike L.A sent me all package. I also had the chance to meet in during my last L.A trip. Those kicks are a rainbow, quality and design are incredible. I travelled a lot with those also, so I have a lot of memories. I posted a lot about that pair, so now people on Instagram are sending me to pictures rocking that sneakers as it was mine ahahahah Its super funny. But Usually I can keep some of my sneakers for very long time, can't separate from them, otherwise, I gave them to charity but I’ll never be capable to just throw them in the trash. Especially when I know that they so many ppl out there in the need.