Well the year is almost over. A lot has happened in the sneaker world so we’ve decided to take the chance to look back at some of the great releases we’ve had...

First up is the Adidas Originals Falcon. This sneak is just great, totally 80s and yet, full of modern twists and materials. Our colab with a local dance group lead by b-girl Emma Houston was super fun. Getting the chance to throw in some dance and show off the trainers. You can watch the footage from our colab right here.

Second we have a gem from Puma, the RS-X Reinvention. This is a personal favourite of mine as well! Featuring a complete modern overhaul, the RS-X gets totally rethought and it just looks so good. You can read more about this sneaker here.

Next is the Adidas Yung 1. A re-visit of an old retro runner, the Falcon Dorf. This modern take on the trainer still inhabits a 90s era style with a panelled, layered look. The best thing about all of these rereleases is that brands are now able to use what they’ve learnt over the years and apply them to updated styles. This guy for example, now has adidas’s stabilising torsion system and a lightweight EVA midsole. Making it feel as if you're walking on soft soft clouds.

Ahh the Nike Atmos safari, a total knock out. Yes they are loud, yes they break most of the rules about contrasting patterns but they just work. A bit of an interesting one but these deserve some lovin’.