We all have the go-to pair that we know goes with EVERYTHING. How could we live without that pair, right? But sometimes, we also want to step outside of the safe space and perhaps try a little something different that could end up being the new staple. We feel this way about the Puma Army Trainer. Now, to those who have been rocking these for ages and claim them as their staple pair, we totally acknowledge your excellent taste! For us catching up, these low profile, sleek-as trainers are the perfect answer to any outfit combo in our wardrobes. Also, we love the little bit of history behind them. Originally made for the German army in the 1970s, these sneakers were worn for indoor training. We can imagine their low profile provided excellent mobility, the circular patterned outsole allowed for excellent pivoting and the leather upper meant they lasted any grueling test! Check these beauties out in store and online!