A new year is always a good time to reconnect with the zodiac. It’s also a good time to get organised! Marry those two together and you get the Baggu Constellation Zip Pouch. In the pack, you get three different sizes that will change your life. First, the large size is brilliant for books, paperwork, large toiletries, all your underwear for the trip, or even a 13” laptop (the underwear will be good cushioning). The medium size we love for travel size toiletries, tablets, a slightly smaller amount of underwear, popping your fruit/veg in during your shop, make up, water bottle, reusable bags, and so much more. The small size makes a great make-up bag, pencil case, art brushes, passport holder, sewing kit, we could go on. Some excellent notes are, these bags are made from a durable nylon and so are super strong. They are also 100% machine washable! The perfect gift for someone... even yourself. Now in our end of season sale!