Local perfumer, Maya Njie, fills her bottles with the most incredible amount of love, creating beautifully intense, insanely wonderful scents that invigorate the spirit and mind. Born in Västerås Sweden, Njie moved to London in her late teens and later studied surface design and photography. Whilst thinking of a way to further communicate her work, one medium she thought to utilise was the sense of smell. This led to an old family photo from decades earlier, and her exploration into what it may have smelt like. A small Swedish summer hour surrounded by mercurial forests… from here an adventure into the olfactory world began. Teaching herself the art of scent creation, Maya began wearing her scents to work which sparked interest and intrigue from those around her. It was then that she decided to dive deeper into creation!

Founded in 2016, Maya Njie perfumes are a collection of five fragrances, all with individual stories to tell. For us, it’s very hard to pick a favourite, but a firm customer favourite is the Le Fleur scent. A celebration in a bottle, Les Fleur takes inspiration from the Minnie Ripperton song of the same name. If you listen to the track, it's pretty much the same feeling you get when wearing the scent. This perfume opens with the energetic note of bergamot, followed by sweet middle notes of fig and neroli to make you smell and feel fresh throughout the day. Cedarwood and musk secure the base, making the scent last longer and adding warmth. A beautiful, invigorating scent. We know that is probably more than enough to entice you to check out the rest of her collection here :-)

**Please note - sadly we are unable to send perfumes outside of the UK due to post restrictions. This is something we are working on changing in the near future!