Local perfumer, Maya Njie, fills her bottles with the most incredible amount of love, creating beautifully intense, insanely wonderful scents that invigorate the spirit and mind. Even though we may be conducting day to day via screen and not seeing anyone, an easy way to lift the spirits is via scent. A spritz or two of an invigorating scent, even if no one else is smelling it, can really help steer the day away from mundane.

Maya’s scent Tropica captures the truest feeling of escapism. This scent is truly, truly beautiful. Imagine the most perfect beach vacation, the warmth of the sand, the breeze through the palm trees and the sweet smell and taste of pineapple. For those that love the sweet and warm, Tropica is for you. The top notes are citrus and pineapple, the perfect tropical combo. Middle notes are Mediterranean fig and coconut, the scents of holidays. The base notes are ambergris and sandalwood, both warm and cosy scents to round out the sweetness at the top. All scents are made and bottled in-house in the UK. Each of the notes is made from high grade oils that are cruelty free. For those that love the beach, the sun, the idea of holiday, then this is for you!