There are so many reasons we love Saucony - the fit, the unbelievable comfort, the style, the colours… we could go on! It definitely is one of our favourite sneaker brands and so we thought to shed a little light on the brand’s more than century history!

First of all, the correct pronunciation is ‘sock-ah-knee’. We know, and Saucony know, this is a confusing point for most! The name is inspired by the Saucony Creek in Kutztown, PA, which flows next to where the brand began. You’ll have noted the iconic side stripe panel on most Saucony sneakers with three circles running through the middle. This stripe is an ode to Saucony Creek which has three distinct boulders in its midst. These boulders, and now circles, represent Saucony’s three key beliefs - good performance, good health and good community.

Starting out in 1898, Saucony have had running in their blood since day one. In search of the perfect running/walking shoe, the brand has dedicated their existence to offering the best of the best innovative running tech. Pro runners the world over were choosing Saucony to compete in and train and slowly but surely the side stripe became iconic.

Our favourite silhouette is the Saucony Jazz Original. What was a pure performance shoe of its error, this sneaker is now a classic loved by those needing a comfy, stylish everyday sneaker. If you have never owned a pair, now is definitely the time! Check out our latest range of Saucony.