It's all in the eyes. True beauty lies within, but there's nothing more exciting about dressing up your looks, and doing a little matchy-matchy action with your favourite jewels! We recently caught up with London-based designer and beauty enthusiast, Farzana Ahmed, who showed us how it's done. Farzana runs a very successful beauty page and blog, @textbookbeauty, where her fans can follow her bold and beautifully colourful make-up and beauty methods. From the, au naturel, Glossier dew to the most shimmery of shimmers from Urban Decay's palettes, Farzana is our go-to beauty expert for both daytime and nighttime styles. We recently sat down with Farzana, in this exclusive interview, to find out all her make-up hacks and get down with Text Book Beauty's plans for the future!

Farzana styles her deliciously bold, party look with Tuza's Never Tear Us Apart Drop Earrings in "Rojo Resin". Shop the collection online at Be sure to follow Farzana on her Instagram page here, and explore Text Book Beauty online at!

Textbook Beauty, what a great name! What inspired you to start a beauty and make-up channel?

I started blogging a very long time ago, The blogging sphere has changed so much over the past couple of years and the reason why I started because there weren't many women of my skin tone that looked like me doing makeup, exploring makeup was a way for me to express and explore new avenues of making, I looked forward to it every day, documenting looks adorning my face with glitter and gems, experimenting with colours, and just generally loving makeup at a young age. it became a to express myself and use my platform to interact with people who share the same interest as me.

Do you have any advice for young women who are looking to get involved in the beauty and influencer industry?
Just do it.

When you set up for a day of content creation, what are your go-to tools for content fun-times?
Camera, good light - I always try to shoot during the day natural lighting is always better

What are your thoughts on using facetune and Instagram filters?
The Culture of Editing Apps and snatched face filters is a strange one, people should be allowed to post whatever they want, however, I do believe viewers have become more aware of what's real and what's not, as we continue to redefine and reasserting our relationship with beauty and social media, I think people really do appreciate seeing real skin, which I always try to do with my stuff, even when my skin is kinda crappy.

What is the best beauty tip you have ever received?
Only buy makeup you get to use in multiple ways

What's the most random make-up hack that you've seen and tried out?
I think I've tried it all tbh lol

The weather is pretty grim at the moment, do you have any tips for warding off dry skin in the winter season?
Having a solid skincare routine the night before makes the biggest difference the next day, it could be a simple switch up. I always op for Squalane oil (any brand) the night before, it has anti-inflammatory benefits which can help with conditions such as acne and dry and eczema pro skin, this has definitely helped me ward off the flaky skin this winter.

Top 5 make up products that you couldn't live without?
Concealer, mascara, brow pencil, blush/bronzer and a brown eyeliner which I can double up as a freckle pen.

From thick brows to thin and from glossy to matte lips, what are the beauty trends that you're excited about as we kick off the year 2020?
I'm loving the use of colour, ranging from the pastels greens to the neon and vibrate blues. I can predict skin to be one of the main focuses to kick off 2020, products that help promote healthy-looking skin, so no more of that heavy contouring. Embellishments and adorning the eyes will definitely become the next phenomenon, and there’s no right way to do it which is perfect.

What podcasts are you listening to right now? If not podcasts then maybe, books? :)
say my mind by Kelechi Okafor, she is so insightful and super funny.

Are you going on any fun trips this year?
Nothing planned yet, but hopefully somewhere sunny, just until the weather gets better in London

You're always keeping it real on your social channels! Not only do you serve up the BEST makeup looks, but you also have a list of beauty "shit you need to buy" on your blog channel along with lessons on life! What's next for Textbook Beauty?
I generally never know how to answer this question... what's next, I plan to continue to explore beauty through all possible avenues, I definitely want to continue pushing my love for design with beauty in the forefront this year, I plan to push my creativity this year and just simply going with the flow.