Woman painted by Monica Kim Garza
Colourful Artwork of Monica Kim Garza

Monica Kim Garza’s art is a joy to behold. When we first laid eyes on it, there was this amazing mix of satisfaction and love. The women Garza paints are carefree, honest and outrageously beautiful, a reflection upon the artist herself who seeks, and absolutely achieves, authenticity and good vibes.

Born in Alamogordo, New Mexico and raised in central Georgia, Monica holds a BFA and a whole lot of travel experience. From having pieces in museums to her own line with 5Boro Skateboards, Monica's already brilliant career continues to travel on a pretty cool path. We are thrilled Monica had a minute to chat with us about a few things and what's next. How has your summer been?

Is what it is.


What are you up to/working on currently?

Paintings. I always paint regardless of anything.


One article mentioned it was 2015 when you really committed to making art for life. How has your journey been since that decision?

Very hard, very broke, but I’m happy


If you were to try your hand at another profession, what would it be?

Probably some kind of design. I like architecture, furniture, interior design, fashion. Or a chef or something with music maybe.


For artists/creatives just starting out, what general advice would you give them?

Be real


How do you start one of your pieces? Is it colour first, then subject?

Mm, I suppose the subject then colour but I let it evolve on the canvas so it’s kinda of both at the same time. I normally think more about making a certain composition.


The women you paint are exquisite. You've mentioned your art is open and free for interpretation. What feedback do you receive the most?

Yea of course. Life’s like that. We should all have our own minds. I’m aware of different feedbacks but i don’t want to address any in particular because it starts to taint your ideas.


Where do you think your love of colour comes from? (what you pick is always so beautiful!)

Thanks! I can’t say. I’ve always loved colours. Just innate


Do you ever have time outs from your art? Or are you at it most of the time?

Sure. I like to travel and take breaks in longer bouts. In my daily life, I watch shows or workout then paint. I have a dog and spend a lot of time with him, but otherwise, I am painting or making something.


Where is your ultimate happy place - beach/poolside or studio?

Probably the jungle, beach, and mountain. Not sure which or in what order but I like places that aren’t overflowing with people and has fresh air. All 3 are truly amazing places to be in.


It's safe to say, you have travelled a lot! How many continents have you done and which have been your faves?

I’m not sure. Every country has something beautiful about it. It’s hard to choose a favorite.


What is the best travel advice you've been given?

Be aware.


We know you're a fan of sneakers! Do you have a favourite brand? Or just love a nice silhouette regardless of make?

Hard to say! I grew up on Nike so I’ll always have a thing for Nike. But I truly love every brand for their own style. Puma, New Balance, Adidas, etc. I like a lot of European brands too. I also love The Hoka shoes. They are very comfortable. I have a lot of no brand sneakers too. I’m very pro comfort and pro style. I probably spend the most money on a comfort shoe that I know I’m going to hike, run, or walk heavily in, over a style shoe.


What sneakers are you wearing currently?

Been alternating between Hoka Cliftons these Ecco cool 2.0s and Nike fly knits. I basically have like 6 white pairs of sneakers ready for wear and then a million other shoes in my shoe closet.


What is next on the cards for you in terms of your art? Group shows? Different mediums? No more ladies, different subjects?

I have a lot of different paintings and ceramics. I’ve always made a variety of mediums and figures. I’m known for my female figures and paintings but I’ve done and made other works. I’ll definitely continue to make and evolve. I hope to continue to be blessed by opportunities and just keep work going. In October I will have some pieces are the CAM (Contemporary Art Museum) in Raleigh NC and also my works in the Crystal Bridges Museum will transfer over to the Museum of Art in NC. I have some other shows coming up but not sure on any specific dates. I guess stay tuned by google or something.