Puma x Rihanna Creeper in Black
Puma x Rihanna Creeper in Red
Selection of Puma x Rihanna Creepers

Since first partnering with Puma in December, 2014, Rihanna has made fashion headlines with the German super brand. Her personal eclectic style sense paired with her love of Japanese street style and gothic genre gave birth to a collection that received acclaim from fans and critics alike. But if the clothing was a bit too much for some to pull off, then the Creeper was something everyone could get down with.

The Rihanna x Puma Creeper is no stranger to most. The now iconic silhouette has had many media outlets touting its undeniable coolness as well as being sported by so many since release that we are pretty sure a lot of people have copped a look, if not a pair.

Completely sold out the world over, Rihanna’s killer kicks are back for another round on December 8th. This release sees the brothel creeper inspired sneak get a luxurious velvet makeover in silver grey, burgundy and black. Perfect colours for the cooler season, these sneakers will go super quick, so be sure to shop fast if you want a pair.