Vans Off The Wall started off the annual campaign back in March collaborating with Girl Skate India, we're revisiting the campaign to discuss the emergence of an entirely empowering skate group that is challenging the skate scene in India.

Girl Skate India have come a long way. From their first campaign for Vans for the "Off The Wall" campaign, the organisation are continuing to introduce skate workshops and activation platforms across India to support young girls who are looking to get into the sport.

If you don't know already, Girl Skate India was created by Vans athelete and Bangalore native, Atita Verghese to support young girls in the skate scene that was once emerging in India. In 2015, Atita invited 12 female skateboarders from around the world to go on tour around the country to reach Indias most remote cities to teach skating. In the campaign, you can see Atita Verghese discuss what it means to be a female in the world of skate. You can stay up to date with Girl Skate India happenings via their website