Veja V-10 Trainer White Natural Pierre

By Veja


Elevate your everyday look with the Womens Veja V-10 Trainer in Colour White Natural Pierre from Veja. This stylish yet timeless piece will become part of your closet for many years to come! Handmade from luxurious bovine leather sourced in Brazil and finished in white natural pierre color for optimal wearability, this pair of shoes are sure to garner compliments wherever they are worn - adding effortless chic style with any ensemble you pair them with! With their stylish leather uppers and logo detail on the rubber soles, these trainers provide both style and comfort for an amazing fit. Even more impressively is their environmental-friendly design featuring organic cotton laces which means not only will you look incredible this season - you'll feel good wearing them as well! Get yourself looking amazing this season wearing the Womens Veja Trainer.

  • white natural pierre
  • leather upper
  • rubber logo
  • rubber outsole
  • organic cotton laces