Veja Womens Rio Branco Aircell Lunar Pierre Pekin

By Veja


upper: aircell (75% recycled polyester and 25% polyester)

insole: amazonian rubber (10%), bio-based e.v.a.* (41% sugar cane), recycled e.v.a.* (10%), organic cotton (16%) and others (13%)

outsole: amazonian rubber (12%), mineral silica (30%), synthetic rubber (49%) and others (9%)

lining: tech (100% recycled polyester)

laces: organic cotton (100%)

aircell is an extremely lightweight and breathable fabric made entirely from recycled polyester. the double-layer knitting technique used for this fabric allows us not to use a lining. this is due to its strong structure despite being so permeable to air. it offers perfect comfort and flexibility allowing it to be used in the extra-light styles of our collection.