We’re tuning back to 2002 and giving this classic British movie a watch. Comedy, romance and sport, this movie has everything you need for a fun night in. This week’s we’re watching Bend It Like Beckham!

"Energetic, eager-to-please culture-clash comedy.” - The Globe and Mail


The main character, 18 year-old, Jess Bhamra (Parminder Nagra), forever has been dreaming of bending it like David Beckham in a game of footie whilst worshipping dream team, Manchester United. 

Jess, the daughter of a middle-class British-Asian family, secretly enrolls into an all-female football team called the Hounslow Harriers, embracing her chance to play football as a career path, which typically doesn’t go well with her traditional Asian upbringing. Partnering with best friend, Jules (Keira Knightly), the pair go-off to Germany to play a match with the team, whilst Jess continues to wholeheartedly deny to her parents her love of football with her sister, Pinky(Archie Panjabi) kindly offering a distraction through her marriage engagement (momentarily)! The friendship is met with growing pains of their own as well as conflicts with eachother, competeting for the attention of Irish football coach Joe, played by everyones favourite hearthrob at the time, Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

This story follows Jess, tackling religious and cultural conflicts that inevitably spiral out of control, forcing the teen to face her passion and follow her dreams. The film, directed by Gurinder Chadha opened up a peephole to British Asian adolescents that was vital to the time, hitting an array of societal and cultural issues. This 2002 Brit classic ultimately offers a humorous, warm and fuzzy movie night for the whole family to enjoy.

You can watch Bend It Like Beckham on Google Play here!