One of the craziest and heartwarming stories there is. This film will make you laugh out loud on more than one occasion and wish you were a kid from a beautiful island in the ‘80s. Yep, with the coolest outfits. Have fun with this weekend’s watch, New Zealand made, Boy.

"Welcome to my interesting world" - Whenua Films


The year is 1984. Alamein, known as Boy (James Rolleston), lives in Waihua Bay, New Zealand with his gran, his younger brother Rocky (Te Aho Eketone-Whitu) (who believes he has dangerous super powers) and his pet goat. His grandmother leaves to attend a funeral and is gone for a week, which puts Boy in charge of looking after the farm and his younger brother. Boy has one of the best imaginations around and often paints his father, Alamein (Taika Waititi) , who left when he was young, as a hero. When gran leaves, Alamein shows up with his gang (his two friends) and Boy is thrilled to be reconnected with his father. Alamein is searching for a bag of money he buried on the farm prior to going to jail and Boy sees this as the perfect opportunity to get to know his long lost, hero dad. He soon finds out, however, that his dad is a bit of a dud and so comes to terms with this alongside a bevy of mishaps along the way. A brilliant and entirely hilarious coming-of-age tale, this movie will make you feel just excellent.

**Boy can be rented online for £1.99 on Amazon Prime Video, or £2.49 on YouTube or Google Play (prices correct at time of post!!)